Meet Wojciech

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog at Glamsci!

Let me tell you few words about myself.

My name is Wojciech Stogowski, I have been living in UK for the last eleven years, during the last 3 years I have spent studying along my full time job.

Science has always been an area of keen interest, especially subjects related to astronomy and physics; due to this, I therefore decided to pursuit a degree in Planetary Science and Astronomy.

Do not worry though, not everything I am going to write about will be connected to astronomy and cosmology only!

Within the field of my studies, I have came across such a varied topics like chemistry, biology, geology, meteorology, and even astrobiology!

I will try to explain to you  how unique is our place is within Solar System, how the Earth and other planets are formed, what kind of processes make our planet suitable for live, and how fragile our life-supporting ecosystem is.

There are obviously a lot of big questions still left unanswered: How the Universe began, and how it will end; How and when did life began on Earth, and obviously the most exiting one – Are we alone?

I am afraid to say that I will not be able to answer these questions, I will do my best however, to introduce you to the most recent theories and data, collected and formed in order to get us all a tiny bit closer to the answers we are so keen to find!

I’m extremely excited, about the technological advances we have available to us to look at objects such as the stars, and not only wonder about what kind of stories they can tell us, but also be able to learn something profound about our own origin from our cosmic neighbours.

I hope I can take you all on board in to the journey into the discovery and the unknown.


Edited by Amy King

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