The Shape of The Universe.

Cosmologists have been debating the shape of the universe for decades. From simple observation we know the spherical shape of Earth, stars and other celestial bodies. Although, what shape is the entire universe the galaxies are embedded in?  In cosmology, a difference is made between the observable universe and the global universe. As the name … Continue reading The Shape of The Universe.

The Edge of The Universe. 

Where is the edge of the universe? Most importantly, what happens if we try to get there? Let's state the obvious, surely there can be no edge to our universe if the universe is infinite. On the other hand, how can it be part of our universe if we can't interact with it? After all, … Continue reading The Edge of The Universe. 

Where Did All The Lithium Go? 

The instant of the Big Bang gave birth to hydrogen, helium and a small amount of lithium. Hydrogen and helium are the main elements that fuse to give stars their heat, energy and intrinsic brightness.  When discussing matters of cosmology I may have neglected lithium slightly. Lithium is one of the oldest elements in the … Continue reading Where Did All The Lithium Go? 

Why Is The Speed of Light Finite?

In the past year of blogging for GLAMsci, most questions and feedback came from the speed of light series. I thought some housekeeping was in order to post an answer to the most frequently asked question - why isn't the speed of light infinite? To be fair, in my posts I discussed the finding of … Continue reading Why Is The Speed of Light Finite?