Mind Blowing. The Great Acceleration. Dark Energy. 

We have come along way you and I. From the first instant of space and time right up to now. In 4 blog posts we have travelled 13.8 billion years through time to get where we are now. Through life we learn that nothing lasts forever, this unfortunately includes our universe. There are supernova remnants … Continue reading Mind Blowing. The Great Acceleration. Dark Energy. 

Is There Life on Mars?

In this article I would like to discuss the conditions that enabled life to evolve on Earth, and the possibility of such conditions existing elsewhere within the Universe. First of all let us focus on the position of Planet Earth around the Sun. Earth is the third planet in a succession of the rocky planets within the inner Solar … Continue reading Is There Life on Mars?

Versatile Blogger Award

My first award! Thank you It's Not What It's Why for this nomination The award rules are: Thank the person who nominated you Share the award on your blog Share seven random facts about yourself Tag 15 fellow bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated. So, these are the facts about GlamSci Bloggers: Christine: … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

Yersin Pestis, a devastator of cities

IWelcome back to the tour of infectious diseases, this time, it’s all about Yersinia pestis which is the teeny tiny tic tac responsible for all three types of the plague; Pneumonic, septicemic and bubonic the last one you might have heard of in history as ‘The Great Plague’ it devastated the UK and Europe during the … Continue reading Yersin Pestis, a devastator of cities

Cosmology – What’s That All About?

So, Cosmology is my current field of study (along with Astrophysics) but I think that it is somewhat of a mysterious subject to most. What do Cosmologists do? What is involved in Cosmology? What is the point?  Well hopefully I shall try to shed some of the mystery….. What IS Cosmology? So, the Oxford English … Continue reading Cosmology – What’s That All About?