The Orion Nebula

On a clear night with the naked eye, we see what we believe to be stars scattered in every direction across the sky. With binoculars or a small telescope, we can see some of these "stars" are not actually stars at all but star forming regions. The prettiest of these is also our nearest, the … Continue reading The Orion Nebula

The Most Distant Galaxy In The Universe

There are mathematical models that the Universe is infinite in shape and size. Although infinite, the technology of mankind certainly does have a limit. The most distant object observed is a small galaxy, gn-z11. Not a very interesting name but it definitely is one of the most fascinating objects in the cosmos.  Due to extreme … Continue reading The Most Distant Galaxy In The Universe

If The Sun Suddenly Collapsed into a Black Hole.

Black holes seem to have captured the imagination more so than all other cosmic bodies or phenomena. Blockbusters like Interstellar and Event Horizon have certainly increased the profile of black holes and worm holes. With a captured imagination comes misconceptions and inaccuracies.  To begin, most physicists believe black holes aren't even holes at all! Black … Continue reading If The Sun Suddenly Collapsed into a Black Hole.

The Aurora

The Northern Lights, polar lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most beautiful sights Nature has to offer. The Aurora Borealis name was coined by Galileo from the Roman Goddess of the dawn and the Greek name for the North wind. The Aurora can be viewed in a band called The Auroral Zone between … Continue reading The Aurora