The Black Hole Era – The End of The Universe Part 3.

Credit: wikipedia The Degenerate Era has now passed. It is 10 to the 40th power year from now. To give some perspective on how far into the future this is, this is a 1 with 40 zero's after it! Ten duodecillion years. All the stars have gone and Black Holes rule the night sky. Not … Continue reading The Black Hole Era – The End of The Universe Part 3.

5 things school children should know about animal research

Smallpox, anthrax, rabies, polio and many other vaccines.; insulin; chemotherapy for leukaemia; asthma medication; combined therapy for HIV infection; medicines for breast and prostate cancer; cervical cancer vaccine. That’s just a handful of world’s major medical advances that animal research has contributed to and I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t benefited from any of … Continue reading 5 things school children should know about animal research

The Degenerate Era – Part 2. 

The time has come. The beginning of the end of our Universe. It is now 10 to the power of 14 years. Our Sun is ancient history in cosmic terms. It expanded into a Red Giant billions of years ago, swallowed the Earth and exploded in a supernova explosion.   Credit : National Geographic Magazine … Continue reading The Degenerate Era – Part 2. 

The End of The Universe – Part 1

#astrophysics #universe #space Credit : Grand Strategy Annex From the outset of the series we have gone through the timeline of the Universe from a fraction of a second after The Big Bang to the present day.  This mini series is based on the work of Fred Adams and Gregory Laughlin in their book The … Continue reading The End of The Universe – Part 1

Falling into The Unknown : Black Holes

#astrophysics #space #blackholes #einstein The time has come to tackle the most feared of the heavenly bodies, Black Holes. Like almost everything in nature they have different properties, sizes, masses and characteristics. A Black Hole is formed when the internal pressure of a star is insufficient to resist the objects own gravity. Our Sun is … Continue reading Falling into The Unknown : Black Holes

TRAPPIST-1. Are We Alone? 

Credit: NASA  #trappist1 #space #astrophysics Recently NASA announced the prescence of 7 terrestrial planets around the TRAPPIST- 1 star. Most stars we see in the night sky have planets orbiting them. What makes this discovery particularly special? After all, planets are confirmed almost every day with many more thousands awaiting confirmation thanks to The Keplar … Continue reading TRAPPIST-1. Are We Alone? 

Profiles in Excellence – Ahmed Zewail

I recently found out that I've been selected to attend the 67th Annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Here Nobel prize winners from chemistry come and meet, lecture and guide the next generation of young scientists. It's an honour to be selected, as  only the top 400 young chemists in the world are invited (special hello … Continue reading Profiles in Excellence – Ahmed Zewail