Will The Universe Expand Forever?

Will the Universe expand forever? A frequently asked question in the comments on the website. I touched on this in the past during the cosmology and dark energy topics covered in previous posts but it certainly deserves a post in its own right. Cosmology deals largely with the universe as a whole considering all the … Continue reading Will The Universe Expand Forever?

Absolute Cold

Winter is here and with that brings what we believe to be freezing cold weather. The freezing point of water and what we interpret to be freezing is 0 degrees. This isn't absolute cold as there are negative temperatures both in the Fahrenheit and degrees selsius scales. To get to absolute cold we need to … Continue reading Absolute Cold

Diamonds in The Sky

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so I am told! Diamonds can tell us a lot about the formation of the Earth and other celestial bodies. Diamonds have been found all over the solar system. The planet Uranus contains such a high level of pressure that carbons are crushed. In some areas it is … Continue reading Diamonds in The Sky

Beautiful Infinity

For as long as I can remember, the concept of infinity has mesmerized me. Georg Cantor's diagonality proof that some infinities are bigger than others completely transformed my way of thinking. The idea that something truly infinite exists in nature underlines what physicists search for every day, to explore the never ending infinity no matter … Continue reading Beautiful Infinity

The Day The Earth Stands Still

A year is 365 days, one full orbit around the Sun. A day is one full turn on the Earth's rotational axis. So what would happen if the Earth's rotation just suddenly stopped?  If the Earth stood still suddenly, everything not attached to the crust of the Earth would just be swept up into the … Continue reading The Day The Earth Stands Still

The Edge of The Universe. 

Where is the edge of the universe? Most importantly, what happens if we try to get there? Let's state the obvious, surely there can be no edge to our universe if the universe is infinite. On the other hand, how can it be part of our universe if we can't interact with it? After all, … Continue reading The Edge of The Universe. 

As far as the human race can tell, we humans seem to live on the only planet with any form of intelligent life on it. Since the late 1960s mankind has been to or sent probes and telescopes outside the Earth to find out more about the Universe. Science fiction has given extraterrestrial life a … Continue reading

Electrons, Quarks, The Higgs Field and The Building Blocks of the Universe

So far, we have focused on the grandeur and scale of the heavenly bodies and how they were formed in the Primordial Era of our Universe following the Big Bang. Visible matter i.e. stars, galaxies, planets, nebulae, interstellar dust, comets and asteroids only accounts for 5% of what the universe is actually made of. In … Continue reading Electrons, Quarks, The Higgs Field and The Building Blocks of the Universe

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast – The Physics of Alice in Wonderland

Around the middle of the 19th century, mathematics was undergoing a revolution. Certain Classical notions were being overturned and in their place, something altogether stranger was beginning to appear. Where previously it had been based around observations in reality, maths was now becoming its own language which it was hoped could describe and even anticipate … Continue reading Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast – The Physics of Alice in Wonderland

Relativity and Gravity

General relativity could be regarded as being one of the greatest achievements of science in human history. As early as the 1600’s Isaac Newton was considering the causes and effects of gravity. He formulated his famous equation of the gravitational force; Figure 1 - Newtonian Gravity – Wikipedia It states that the force between two … Continue reading Relativity and Gravity