Why I dream of sleep.

Sleep is an important part of our day and on average a person spends 26 years sleeping! This seems like a large waste of time. However, we should be getting 8 hours sleep every day and adolescents should be getting 10 hours sleep. Those that get less than 7 hours are considered sleep deprived. As … Continue reading Why I dream of sleep.

Where Did All The Lithium Go? 

The instant of the Big Bang gave birth to hydrogen, helium and a small amount of lithium. Hydrogen and helium are the main elements that fuse to give stars their heat, energy and intrinsic brightness.  When discussing matters of cosmology I may have neglected lithium slightly. Lithium is one of the oldest elements in the … Continue reading Where Did All The Lithium Go? 

#MoreToScience – what’s it like to be a training manager in molecular bioscience?

Here is another #MoreToScience post! This time, I'm chatting with my colleague from the Biochemical Society, Lorenza, who is our Training Manager and looks after the training events and the online course on biochemistry. She's got an MSc degree in medical molecular biology from the University of Westminster, and before joining us at the BiochemSoc, she worked … Continue reading #MoreToScience – what’s it like to be a training manager in molecular bioscience?

Norovirus – A Tummy-turner of a Virus

Norovirus is also known as the winter vomiting bug as it is more common in the winter months but it can occur at any time of the year. Before being called Norovirus is was called Norwalk Agent after the place it was first identified, Norwalk, Ohio.  In 1968 an acute gastroenteritis outbreak occurred in the … Continue reading Norovirus – A Tummy-turner of a Virus

Versatile Blogger Award

My first award! Thank you It's Not What It's Why for this nomination The award rules are: Thank the person who nominated you Share the award on your blog Share seven random facts about yourself Tag 15 fellow bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated. So, these are the facts about GlamSci Bloggers: Christine: … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

Meet Amy

Hello all, my name is Amy and I am a chemist. My area of interest is Medicinal Chemistry, which is a form of biochemistry; I’m interested in the treatment of various cancers, and the drug treatments behind them. We are hoping to develop a drug that will stimulate the natural immunological systems of the body … Continue reading Meet Amy