The Speed of Light – So Agonisingly Slow.

The speed of light is as frustrating as it is fascinating. The speed of light in a vacuum is the fastest thing we can measure at 300,000km per second, although in a vast and ever expanding universe, it is painfully slow. The universe currently measures 45 billion light years in all directions of observation. So … Continue reading The Speed of Light – So Agonisingly Slow.

Dark Flow

At the instant of the Big Bang, the universe began its inflation. Expanding outwards in all directions faster than the speed of light before cooling and forming all the bodies we can observe now. For decades it was assumed that the velocity and distribution of galaxy clusters should be pretty even across the universe with … Continue reading Dark Flow

The End of The Universe – Part 1

#astrophysics #universe #space Credit : Grand Strategy Annex From the outset of the series we have gone through the timeline of the Universe from a fraction of a second after The Big Bang to the present day.  This mini series is based on the work of Fred Adams and Gregory Laughlin in their book The … Continue reading The End of The Universe – Part 1