Synthetic Food? A sustainable alternative??

Synthetic Food could be the solution to famine and world hunger, however, some are dubious about the consequences of using synthetic food. Many already know that Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) production has damaged ecosystems and contributed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria (see my previous post on Superbugs). So why would synthetic food be any different? Before researching … Continue reading Synthetic Food? A sustainable alternative??

Superbugs: not the giant beetle but the powerful bacterium.

Superbugs are supervillains. They have become a huge threat to our society and the World Health Organisation estimates that they will become the global leading cause of death by 2050. Clearly this is a growing problem! ‘Superbugs’ is a colloquial term for bacterial cells that have developed resistance to antibiotics. They are becoming increasingly common … Continue reading Superbugs: not the giant beetle but the powerful bacterium.

Regeneration. Science-fiction?

Regeneration always reminds me of the Doctor in Doctor Who. He (or she, in most recent episodes) has the ability to regenerate into a different person altogether. Unfortunately, the Doctor is an alien and a fictional character. So we are far from having this ability. However, regeneration can be in the form of regrowing limbs. … Continue reading Regeneration. Science-fiction?

Water. Part 2/2 : How does sweating cool us down?

Water, again, is responsible for evaporative cooling.  Water molecules are bonded to each other by hydrogen bonds. Lots and lots of hydrogen bonds are difficult to break. Water requires a high amount of energy to break these bonds. As a result, it is relatively difficult to evaporate water into a gas. If you want to … Continue reading Water. Part 2/2 : How does sweating cool us down?

Water. Part 1/2: Next time you’re drinking water…

Every single person knows that we need water to live. So we drink water on a daily basis. We are  told that drinking more water improves our skin, our hair and our metabolism. So we buy those special bottles that monitor how much water we drink in a day. But do you know why water … Continue reading Water. Part 1/2: Next time you’re drinking water…

Why all the hype about Mars?

Over the course of July this year, China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the US embarked on five separate unmanned missions to Mars. China launched its Tianwen-1 rover and Tianwen-1 orbiter; the UAE its Emirates Mars Mission orbiter; and the US it Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter. So what’s the rush to get to … Continue reading Why all the hype about Mars?