Cosmic Water Series Part 2 – Saturn’s Moon Titan.

Of all the bodies in our own solar system, Titan is definitely my favourite. The reason being, it is one of the most likely candidates for life. I'm sure plenty of subscribers are rolling their eyes thinking; here he goes about Titan again. For this series it is quite relevant as Titan almost certainly contains … Continue reading Cosmic Water Series Part 2 – Saturn’s Moon Titan.

Cosmic Water Series. Part 1 – Mars

First of all, allow me to apologise for the extended break I've had from writing. I have been reading and working behind the scenes to gain enough content to keep us going into the new year. From reading subscriber comments and questions, one topic I haven't really touched upon in any great detail is water … Continue reading Cosmic Water Series. Part 1 – Mars

Forces of Nature Series : Electromagnetism

In the Quark Epoch of the early Universe, The weak nuclear force and electromagnetism were joined together as one. This was known as the electroweak force and as the Universe expanded and cooled the forces separated to become the fundamental forces we know today.  These forces formed and separated within many millionths of seconds after … Continue reading Forces of Nature Series : Electromagnetism

The Tiny World – Quantum Mechanics.

Credit : Quantum Mechanics is the branch of physics which deals with the infinately tiny motions of subatomic particles. From the beginning of this blog the primary focus has been on Einstein's Relativity which governs the motions of the massive celestial bodies like galaxies, stars and blackholes.  One of the key principles of Quantum … Continue reading The Tiny World – Quantum Mechanics.