The Constellation Cancer

Cancer, also known as "the dark sign", is a medium sized constellation surrounded by Gemini to the West, Leo, Canis Minor and Hydra. The Brightest star in Cancer is Beta Cancri which only has an apparent magnitude of 3.5. So it's brightest star isn't overly bright and neither are the rest of them hence the … Continue reading The Constellation Cancer

Save The Earth Series: A Dyson Swarm.

I read a brilliant article in the RCG website recently regarding the imminent shortage of oil that Earth is about to experience. The analogy they use to describe our oil use is genius. In the jungles of South America, the tribes came up with a genius way to trap monkeys. The trap is a hollowed … Continue reading Save The Earth Series: A Dyson Swarm.

The Mother of Computer Science (Ada Lovelace)

There have been many female scientists throughout history but for one reason or another many of them are not well known despite their incredible contributions to their area of study. Due to the male dominated society of many countries in past centaury’s these women fought hard to not only receive more than a primary education … Continue reading The Mother of Computer Science (Ada Lovelace)