Why Pineapple Irritates the Tongue

If you like eating pineapple, then you’re well aware of the stinging feeling you get in your mouth after eating it. This uncomfortable sensation can last for hours and there isn’t really anything we can do but wait for it to subside. Eating a lot of pineapple often results in particularly the tongue becoming sore … Continue reading Why Pineapple Irritates the Tongue

Does The Moon Affect Our Mood? 

For centuries the full moon has held significant supernatural power over mankind. Biologists, artists and poets have all pondered the effect of our 29.5 day lunar cycle and how it has a physiological effect upon the Earth. So let's talk about our Moon, which interestingly doesn't even have a name considering all other solar system … Continue reading Does The Moon Affect Our Mood? 

The Copenhagen Interpretation : Quantum Mechanics Part 2.

Credit: Science and NonDuality  Quantum Field Theory became seriously recognised back in 1920s, though not without its debates and dilemmas. Back in the mid 1920s, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg  attempted to form an interpretation of QFT that would converge with the classical kinematic and relativistic physics that were laid down by Einstein and Issac … Continue reading The Copenhagen Interpretation : Quantum Mechanics Part 2.

Cardiovascular system in space!

The term cardiovascular means heart (cardio) and blood vessels (vascular). They work together in a synergistic and complimentary fashion to ensure adequate oxygenated blood supply to the entire body. There are many different factors that can influence how that happens, gravity being one. In fact, if you think about it, its’ the very reason why … Continue reading Cardiovascular system in space!

So You Want to Learn Science? Pt 2 – The Brain, a Beginner’s Manual.

In Science (and elsewhere) there can be so much to learn that we may often forget things, miss them entirely as we go along (just a few months ago I googled, ‘what even is fire?’, I kid you not) and face difficult problems that can seem insurmountable at first, so it helps to make our … Continue reading So You Want to Learn Science? Pt 2 – The Brain, a Beginner’s Manual.

Why walk when you can float?

Last time I wrote, I gave you a really brief overview of some of the different issues our bodies can encounter when they go into space. I also told you that I’d break them all down and go into more detail with each of them so that you can have a better understanding. First up…. … Continue reading Why walk when you can float?