I’m What Lies Between the Stars?

In the last post we discussed how the stars came to be following the Big Bang. Stars are not all similiar and like every good thing in life, there is variety and diversity in the fabric of space that our stars are embedded in. Lads and lasses take note, when you are having a romantic … Continue reading I’m What Lies Between the Stars?

The Dreaded Third Wheel Lurking on Date Night

Infectious diseases are usually something that people try to scare you with or if your mum is anything like mine, used as a threat – If you don’t wash your hands your fingers will fall off.  However, to me they are amazing. These tiny microbes (teeny tiny little organisms) can cause so many problems and … Continue reading The Dreaded Third Wheel Lurking on Date Night

Whales, and Dolphins, and Cetaceans Oh My!

Hi everyone! In my last blog post, I mentioned that I have participated in conducting research into the abundance and distribution of cetaceans (whales & dolphins). In 2015, I trained to become a Marine Mammal Surveyor with the charity ORCA. ORCA undertake vital conservation research and have spent over a decade working to conserve cetacean … Continue reading Whales, and Dolphins, and Cetaceans Oh My!

Why walk when you can float?

Last time I wrote, I gave you a really brief overview of some of the different issues our bodies can encounter when they go into space. I also told you that I’d break them all down and go into more detail with each of them so that you can have a better understanding. First up…. … Continue reading Why walk when you can float?

Meet Wojciech

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog at Glamsci! Let me tell you few words about myself. My name is Wojciech Stogowski, I have been living in UK for the last eleven years, during the last 3 years I have spent studying along my full time job. Science has always been an area of keen interest, especially … Continue reading Meet Wojciech

The Charterhouse Exoplanet Project

Exoplanets are one of the fastest paced areas of astrophysical study of recent times. Almost weekly there are reports of newly discovered exotic and strange words. Only this week have we seen the news that one of our closest stars, Proxima Centauri, has a very high chance of harbouring a world similar to our own, … Continue reading The Charterhouse Exoplanet Project

The Origin of Time and Everything

We all learned in our science class at school that the universe started with The Big Bang. Today's blog is hopefully going to tell you what actually banged, when it banged and how we know this bang actually happened! In the very beginning space, time and absolutely everything we can see and feel was compressed … Continue reading The Origin of Time and Everything

Meet Christine

Hey guys, My name is Christine. I am a Chemistry and Biology student with the Open University. I am a massive geek and proud of it, pink hair and video game tattoos as well! I have an unhealthy obsession with microbes especially those with an infectious nature.  It is amazing to think how something so … Continue reading Meet Christine