Save The Earth Series. 

Apologies for the delay in a blog post, I have been off with illness and currently being cared for beautifully in my local hospital. Whilst alone with my thoughts on the hospital ward, it saddens me that there is still very little education and belief in the subject of climate change. That being the causes of climate change and what steps can be taken by makind to reduce the accelerating death of our planet.

Recently US President Donald Trump removed the USA from the Paris Agreement. This accord is a UN wide agreement among our global nations to make commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. 

So what are greenhouse gases? Since the industrial revolution in the 1740s, the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere via coal burning has increased significantly. In simple terms, the greenhouse effect is the effect by which radiation from a planet’s atmosphere warms the planet’s surface to a temperature above what it would be without its atmosphere. 

The thickening of our Earth’s atmosphere due to carbon dioxide is keeping solar radiation within the Earth as opposed to releasing it, with higher absorption rates to boot. The term greenhouse effect is slightly flawed within itself. An actual green house works to reduce airflow to keep warm air inside of it.

Climate change denial is a huge social issue and one that I am passionate about. It only takes a small search on google to find data on the rising temperature of the Earth and the consequences this can have. Rising temperatures can induce higher levels of tropical storms, typhoons and Earth quakes! Heat affects all particle/molecule structures in the air, at sea and in our crust.

The evidence is out there. Climate change is real and undeniable. This series is going to give a perspective on what steps we can take to reduce the current effect climate change is having and move toward a healthier planet and society. All of you subscribers, and in particular the lovely founder of GlamSci Amy King are aware of my deep love of controversy. 

So in my usual fashion I will start next weeks episode on Nuclear Power.

Jude Morrow 

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