Meet Christine

Hey guys,

My name is Christine. I am a Chemistry and Biology student with the Open University.

I am a massive geek and proud of it, pink hair and video game tattoos as well! I have an unhealthy obsession with microbes especially those with an infectious nature.  It is amazing to think how something so tiny can cause so much damage.  Another area of interest is Genetics; Genetics are what make us, us. Every human has their particular DNA fingerprint, but it is all made up of the same four bases, so when you get right down to it we are all made of the same things no matter how we look, sound or act.

I choose a degree in Chemistry because I love knowing how things work. Everything is matter, which is just a science way of saying things that have mass and Chemistry is the study of matter and how it changes, like water turning into ice or steam.  I will be exploring this with you, explaining how and why it works and perhaps making a few things explode along the way.  If you are feeling confused Chemistry is what makes the world, Biology is the things in the world and Physics, which are going to be covered by some of the other guys here, is what makes it all go round. 

I also have ADHD which some of you may have and science is one thing that helps me focus because there is always something new to learn about and even when you have to study a boring part you know soon you’ll find something else which makes it all worthwhile. Sometimes it is hard to get good marks and sometimes you feel not very smart, but you don’t need to be smart to study science if it interests you and you want to explore it then don’t let anything stop you!

Every month I will be bringing you a new infectious disease to discover and another bit on the world around us covering a variety of chemistry or biology-based subjects. 

If you want to suggest a topic for me to explore with you or if you have any questions or just not sure about something in one of my posts, let me know.

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